Elf (PG) (2003)

Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance | 97 min
(7 / 10)

Movie Info

  • Language: English

The Review

Meet Buddy the elf…..ok so he thinks he’s an elf but he’s actually a human. However, he was raised at the North Pole just like all the other elves and Christmas is his favorite thing. As Buddy grows up he notices some very distinct differences between him and the other elves. So Papa Elf tells him of his real father and Buddy heads out to New York City to meet him. On Buddy’s adventure, he encounters new acquaintances and learns what life is like outside the North Pole. New York wasn’t ready for someone like Buddy but maybe he’s exactly what they need and just in time for Christmas. If you’re a fan of Will Ferrell then this is a must watch movie for the holidays. For those of you who are adults, this will bring your inner child out and get you just as excited as your kids to see SANTA!!!

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