Fallen (PG-13) (2017)

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Thriller | 91 min
6.75 Stars (6.75 / 10)

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  • Language: English

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Once upon a time, the intro into so many stories that we think we know. This is another one of those, a story that you thought you knew being retold. The fallen angel, there are many theories as to this angel but which one is correct. You’re about to find out… Luce is a troubled young girl who must face a life altering decision. Once she makes her choice, her life begins to unravel even further than it had before. She’s in a new place with new people, yet her life is anything but new. When she meets a certain person, there will be an undeniable connection. As time goes on, the pieces will begin to put themselves together and many of the unanswered questions will begin to be answered. There’s a problem though, that could be resolved with a simple decision by one of the parties involved. Is it really that simple? Or is this just the beginning? Though this is a story that has been told before, this is absolutely epic in its presentation. Almost like Twilight meets Supernatural with a flair all of its own. This is targeted more towards the tween / young adults with the subject and story but others may enjoy it as well. Should you embark on this journey? If you’re a fan of the titles above, you’ll want to check this out. Even if you aren’t there’s something special here.

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