Fighting with My Family (PG-13) (6.25/10)

6.3 out of 10 stars (6.3 / 10)

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    Expectations, we place them on ourselves, others place them on us, even society places them on us. So what is a young girl to do when she grows up in a family of wrestlers? Well, join in of course. The WAW (World Association of Wrestling) is run by her parents. They teach wrestling to the community as well as performing their choreographed performances. It has been a dream of some in her family to go on to the WWE, but fate would intervene before they got the chance. Now she is up against her brother in a competition to have a chance at the WWE. It has been a lifelong dream of her brother to be a member of WWE. Only now, they chose her instead of him. Not only did this go against everything that she knew, but it would send her brother into a spiral. Just because she was chosen didn’t mean that it was a done deal. She would have to work harder than she ever had before. Will she have what it takes to make it? Will she break? Will her brother ever recover? So many questions that will all be answered in this exciting and entertaining spectacle of sportsmanship. Fans of wrestling will rejoice. Those who aren’t fans will find a story that exceeds it’s own expectations. This is based on a true story, it is a story of love, of loss, of comradery, and of strength… It may not be what you expect but that may be a good thing.

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