Finding Dory (PG) (2016)

Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family | 97 min
8.0 Stars (8.0 / 10)
finding dory

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  • Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
  • Languages: English, Indonesian

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When we met Dory, she was helping Marlin find his son. Even though she has a problem with memory loss, that has never stopped her. She has persevered through hardships throughout her life but how did all of it begin… That’s what this story answers. We see Dory as a child with her parents and how she gets separated from them. We are then invited to see her journey as she searched for her family and herself. Little did she know that she’d find family in the friendships that she’d make along the way. Because of these friends, Dory begins to remember. As she follows her memories, like a trail of breadcrumbs, she begins to remember more and more until she finds herself back at the beginning. Only it’s not what she had expected. Will Dory find her way back home? Will she find her parents? Or will fate confront her in a startling way… This story is an instant classic. Achieving a rare feat, surpassing the original in leaps and bounds. Though Finding Nemo is a classic in and of itself. There is something special here that cannot be denied. Come along for this journey with Dory and be prepared to experience a roller coaster of emotions along the way.

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What Would Dory Do?

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I laughed so much watching this. With her short term memory loss and all, Dory starts to get flashes of her family throughout the movie bringing the nostalgia of the first movie with it. Can Dory find her family and find her way home? Can she remember where home is? Dory’s story truly brings joy to the screen. You will laugh a lot! The jokes, one-liners and banter are hilarious. With Marlin and Nemo back helping her on her journey and the wondrous new characters we get introduced to. New friends like Hank the octopus, I mean septopus (you’ll have to see it to understand), and youメll love the Sea Lions and much more. The relationship with Hank that develops is wonderful to watch. A great adventure from start to finish. Now the big question. Did it do what many sequels fail to do? Did it surpass the original? In my opinion, it did just that. Well, Dory would say yes it did…if she could remember the first movie at all! So get your tag, I mean ticket and head for Cleveland, I mean California, I mean the theater and enjoy! At the end of it all you will be asking yourself, What would Dory Do? — Kevin

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Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family

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