Free Fire (R) (2017)

Action, Crime, Thriller, | 90 Min
(3.5 / 10)
free fire

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    Have you ever heard of a Mexican standoff? It’s when two or more parties confront each other in a dangerous skirmish. Tension runs high and only one will emerge victorious. Well Free Fire is pretty much a Mexican standoff only on a larger scale. The film is set in 1978 in a warehouse in Boston. Originally a trade is arranged which soon turns into misinterpretation and guns blazing. With unforeseen traitors and bandits, chaos ensues leaving every man to fend for himself. What was supposed to be a simple transaction leads to a hair raising game of survival. Free Fire is a one of a kind movie with humor woven in. However be prepared, for this film is a ‘bottle’ film, meaning cast, effects and sets are restricted to as minimal as possible. When watching, it can be easy to tune in and out but if you are a fan of action, dead pan humor and profanity then you might consider giving this film a ‘shot’.

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