Greater (PG) (2016)

Biography, Family, Sport | 130 min
7.0 Stars (7.0 / 10)

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  • Language: English

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This may seem like a story about football, when in fact… The football aspect of it is merely the vessel for Brandon Burlsworth‘s personal journey. All of his life, he had dreamt of becoming an Arkansas Razorbacks, as life progressed, he quickly came to realize that destiny had another path in mind. He refused to let that stop him. As a walk-on, he knew what his fate would most likely be but he refused to let that stop him. His faith, his family, and his passion are what kept pushing him forward. The story ends where it begins, but that’s only the beginning. Why has something so wonderful for such a short period of time? Because of the lasting impact. There is something special about Brandon’s story, it is told to us through the eyes of his family and coaches. One particular character is reminiscent of Stephen King’s “Storm of The Century“, adding mystery and more to this unique story. Brandon’s story has been an inspiration to many, it will be even more to those that see this. Most of the story is heavily laden with Christianity, so if you’re sensitive to that, at least keep it in mind. That being said, it adds to the nuance of what is presented here.

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