Greta (R) (4.5/10)

4.5 out of 10 stars (4.5 / 10)

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    The Review

    A single act of kindness will turn Frances’s life upside down. While on her way home from work, she spots a purse on the subway. Upon returning it to its owner, she’ll find herself trapped in a spiral that could destroy her. After losing her mom, Frances has had a hard time. She thought that moving to the city with a friend might help but she has continually found herself longing for what she lost. When Greta invites her in after she returned the purse, she thought she could think of Greta in a loving way. All was well with that until Frances learned what Greta was really up to. Try as she may to escape Greta’s grasp, Greta came out ahead time after time. It wasn’t until Frances attempted to redirect Greta’s attention that things went from bad to worse. What is it that caused Greta to become so dark? Can Frances get away from her before it’s too late? Or is it already too late? This somewhat foreboding tale of infatuation is similar to stories that have been done before. A few refreshing bits are added in for the continuation of the story but it’s not enough to separate it from the rest. A story that will certainly evoke strong emotions from it’s audience, the only question becomes… Which ones?

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