Grow House (R) (2017)

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grow house

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Money doesn’t grow on trees…or does it? Pat and Darius need money and they are looking for an easy way to get it. They are both experts at exactly one thing…smoking weed. So what could two weed smoking professionals do? Grow weed. However, they will soon find out that smoking weed and growing weed are two different ball games. In order to become legally certified and learn the steps to growing pot they make a trip to seek professional help. There they find a pamphlet on the 10 steps to growing medicine for fools. First they need to finance the operation and then they need a place to grow the weed, thus a ‘Grow House’. Little do they know that finding financial aid and a grow house is the least of their problems. If you’re thinking about growing weed yourself then make sure to take note of what not to do from Pat and Darius. Make no mistake this stoner comedy is not for kids but it is 420 friendly.

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