Hail, Caesar! (PG-13) (2016)

Comedy, Mystery | 106 min
5.25 Stars (5.25 / 10)
hail caesar

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  • Language: English

The Review

This is nothing less than pure excellence in absurdity. The Coen brothers have created a tribute to the Hollywood of yesteryear. In doing so they represent the beauty and creativity of the past while mixing in the absurdity and humor that they are so known for. A basic premise of a kidnapping gone awry. Baird Whitlock is the star of their new picture but before filming is done, he is kidnapped by a Soviet sleeper cell. While all of this is happening, we see a little deeper into the Hollywood of yesteryear (from a comedy standpoint). In all of their efforts to avoid offending those involved, somehow they manage to create an environment in which offensive humor is the standard to live up to. All the while, exposing how deep some of the political strings went and in which direction. Some of the subject matter comes close to crossing a line, the only question then becomes who draws the line and exactly where is it drawn. This pseudo retrospective idea played out as expected. There are numerous production flubs throughout and whether or not they were intentional is left only up to the eye of those in charge. Should you see this? That’s for you to decide if you’re a fan of the Coen bros… Definitely… If not, there are nuances to the plot that won’t make much sense. The decision is yours…

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hail caesar

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Comedy, Mystery