Happy New Year (2014)

Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Musical, Romance | 180 min
5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)
happy new year

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  • Language: Hindi

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Believe in what you’re doing and you can accomplish anything. That’s what one young man is determined to prove. His father did some things years ago that as time passed have gone askew. Not because of his own actions but by that of someone else. In order to make it right, it will involve perfect precision to pull off a diamond heist like no other. How will he have an opportunity to get close enough. Through an elaborate scheme to win an international dance contest. Taking him and his friends from uncoordinated, clumsy gents to dancers that are perfectly synced is a challenge in and of itself. Not to mention the heist involved. It sounds too complicated doesn’t it… Yet, the will and determination of all involved will see them through. When they finally arrive, he faces a truth he wasn’t prepared for. What will happen next… You’ll have to see and find out. There are many twists and turns in this challenging story. There are multiple plots intersecting in the same story and because of that, there is some confusion. That confusion is explained but it means sitting through some moments that make you go “huh?”… Ultimately this is an exhilarating rush that we get to experience through the characters. Enjoy it for what it is and celebrate… Happy New Year!

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happy new year

Trailer: Happy New Year

Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Musical, Romance