Hidden Figures (PG) (2017)

Drama | 127 min
7.75 Stars (7.75 / 10)
hidden figures

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  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: English

The Review

Today many cannot imagine living without technology. There was a time when human beings were the technology. During the space race, a dedicated team at NASA were the computers that did all of the necessary computations. Some members of this team were not seen as equals due to their gender and the color of their skin. When some of the best minds at NASA couldn’t keep up with the number crunching demand, one woman had an opportunity to step forth and in doing so she changed history. Katherine was a human calculator, she could compute any number that she had and even those that she didn’t. With Katherine on board, the numbers that no one could solve… Finally, have answers. This story portrays three heroines who forever changed history, not just at NASA but for the world. These hidden figures were hidden for many years, only within recent history has their hard work and dedication been acknowledged. Come witness/experience their incredible journies… In a story that will capture your heart and invigorate your mind like never before. Stay into the credits for some amazing factoids about the women who were the inspiration for this.

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