Home Again (PG-13) (2017)

Comedy, Drama, Romance, | 97 min
6.3 out of 10 stars (6.3 / 10)
home again

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Being a single mom is hard.  Now take being a single mom in a new house, in a new life, in a new area. That may sound impossible but Alice manages. With the help of her mom, she is able to accomplish the impossible. Raising two young girls and starting over seems complicated enough, but add in three strangers and it’s about to get interesting.  These young men are aspiring writers.  It’s once they realize who Alice is connected to is when things get even more complicated.  With all of the changes in her life, she is bound to need some help. So this could be good for all of them. Just when things are beginning to work out someone unexpected shows up at her door that could change everything. Is Alice ready? Throughout everything, she must do whats best for her and her girls. Will she be able to make the tough decisions when it matters most? Or will her heart get in the way? This may appear to play off of the Sweet Home Alabama movies but it doesn’t. The happily ever after that Alice had dreamt of was not all it was cracked up to be, but here she manages to do something, to be something, more than she thought. This is a drama with a little bit of comedy and a lot of heart. Some scenes are inappropriate for younger audiences but it is ideal for a date movie or a night out with the girls. It might not be what you expect but that might be a good thing. Only you will know for sure.

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