Hotel Artemis (R)

5.3 out of 10 stars (5.3 / 10)

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    The Review

    Hotel Artemis is a safe haven for the darkest of society. The cost to be a member, a price high enough to ensure that only certain individuals can afford to join. There are also strict rules, if you violate any of them, no amount of money can save you. So what could possibly be the purpose of such a place? To be safe somewhere, even if for a little while, in a world of discontent. The one in charge controls the access, she controls the medical care, and everything else. What she doesn’t control is her boss. When she receives a call that he’s on his way, she informs him of an obvious difficulty. Once he arrives, she tends to him but she must also tend to the other guests as well. A difficult thing to do in the midst of the chaos. The suites at the hotel are specific to certain needs. Her task, to assign certain individuals to certain suites. To enforce the rules, at any cost… and to ensure the secrecy of the hotel itself. In doing so, she will have to face her past head-on with someone that could jeopardize everything. Will she be able to do what is necessary when the time comes? Or will she be lost to the secrecy? There is so much that is happening here, it is a bit difficult to follow at times. There are highlights though that almost indicate that there could be more to come. Only time will tell.

    Hotel Artemis Rules:

    1. While on the premises. No fighting with or killing other patients.
    2. No disrespectful words or actions allowed against hotel Artemis staff.
    3. No guns or any other type of weapon permitted through the gates.
    4. Memberships must be paid for in fill and in advance.
    5. Prior but lapsed lenders will not be admitted.
    6. No photography or video allowed.
    7. No outside food or drink.
    8. Absolutely no visitors
    9. If members is found to have compromised or led to compromise of location membership keys will be revoked
    10. Hotel Artemis rules are final and non-negotiable.

    Hotel Artemis Suites:

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