How To Be A Latin Lover (PG-13) (2017)

Comedy | 115 Min
5.75 Stars (5.75 / 10)
how to be a latin lover

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Aspirations can help to mold our lives. After all, our aspirations are inspired by those around us and our desires for the future. That being said, are there any limits to aspirations. That’s what one boy is determined to find out. He doesn’t aspire to be a doctor or a scientist… His desire is solely based on being man candy. He quickly figures out how to work his “assets” to become exactly that. The life is everything he dreams it to be, that is until he gets a rude awakening from his dream life. Now he must face reality for what it is, only in doing so, he’ll be faced to face himself. This story becomes much more than that of a chauvinistic womanizer… There actually is some heart to be found along the way. Is there enough to make this movie redeemable? That’s up for debate but this story as a whole was pleasantly surprising. If you’re looking for an adult themed comedy with a bit of heart, this is a fun one to watch. In case that isn’t for you, remember, there are lots of other choices as well.

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