Hustlers (R) (3.75)

3.8 out of 10 stars (3.8 / 10)

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    The Review

    Those who work in the adult entertainment industry are riddled with many stereotypes. Are they dancers, prostitutes, etc? Those who visit these establishments are willing to throw exorbitant amounts of money at these women to entertain them. When a bunch of women at a particular club hit a particularly hard time they decide to take things to the next step with their VIP clients. The steps that they take, put themselves and their lives at risk. They seem to be fine with the risk as long as the rewards keep rolling in. That is until some of their clientele start to become aware of what is happening. Once the law is involved, the once strong sisterhood becomes a matter of “to thine own self be true”, by any means necessary. What will happen to them? We’re taken full circle from the beginning to the very end. Some of the presentation is in movie format and the rest feels like a documentary of sorts. In the beginning, it’s revealed that this is a true story. In the end, you’ll definitely know these women a bit better. Will it change your thoughts on the industry? Or, will it cement the stereotypes above? Who knows, maybe a bit of both, but it succeeds at one thing, telling their stories.

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