I Can Only Imagine (PG) (2018)

Drama, Family, Religious, | 110 Min
7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)
i can only imagine

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I can only imagine, a phrase, a story, a song, that has changed the world. Believers and non-believers alike have found comfort, solace, and hope in this simple song. Only the song isn’t as simple as it seems. It was written in only a few minutes time but in reality, it was put on paper in those few minutes. It actually took a lifetime to write. A lifetime of pain and heartache, forgiveness and redemption, darkness, and light… How can one song portray so much? That’s what this story explains. Bart grew up in a house of turmoil and pain. He found hope in things that were away from home, anything away from home. As hard as he tried to escape, as far as he ran, the past trailed along with him. It haunted him and cast a shroud of doubt upon him that kept him from fulfilling his potential. Through the impossible, he found a way to move past that when he experienced something incredible. One experience, one person would change his entire outlook on life and help him to realize something that was inside him all along. Incredibly inspiring and uplifting, Bart’s story can be a bit intense at times as this story deals with the darkness as much as it does the light. It’s a Christian based story, but even with that, there is much more to this than just that. Those who have been touched by this song will want to experience the journey it took to create it… What are you waiting for?

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