Ice Age (V): Collision Course (PG) (2016)

Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi | 94 min
6.25 Stars (6.25 / 10)
ice age collision course

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  • Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
  • Language: English

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Love is in the air. That is for most of our friends. Some of them are celebrating milestones in their relationships, some are just beginning and others are looking for love in all the wrong places. I’ll let you figure out which is which. As they all prepare for a wedding, tensions are high. In times like this it seems as though nothing could bring them together. That is until they realize that they must work together to save themselves and the world. We see the return of an old friend during their daring mission. But will they be able to intervene, when a disaster of such magnitude has been foretold for many years before. That will remain to be seen. Through it all though, they find strength both within themselves and in the ones around them. Realizing that they must come together to have any chance at all. This could just be the end of our furry friends but is it… You’ll have to see for yourself. This fifth installment definitely goes beyond anything we’ve seen before. This challenges ideas, entertains and even educates (minorly)… It’s definitely a refreshing change compared to the traditional story we’ve come to know and love. If you’re a fan of the series, this is not one to miss. Even if this is the beginning for you, there’s something for everyone. Check it out, before it’s too late.

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ice age collision course

Trailer: Ice Age: Collision Course

Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi

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