If I Was God… (2016)

Animation, Short | 8 min
5.8 out of 10 stars (5.8 / 10)
if I was god

Movie Info

  • Genres: Animation, Short

The Review

A young boy sits in his science class daydreaming of the elusive “What If”. He’s supposed to be concentrating on his assignment, but finds his mind wandering. As he ponders about those around him, he makes assumptions based on the knowledge that he has. All the while he is swooning over his dream girl who happens to be sitting next to him. The project that he’s supposed to be focusing on is finally getting his attention and he makes a decisionᅠto perform an experiment on himself in the process. An interesting idea that reminds us all of our youth, as there’s at least someone in this class that we can relate with. The animation is crude but effective in the telling of this tale. The message is relatable with a touch of whimsy leaving us all daydreaming a bit by the time it was over.

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