It Comes At Night (R) (2017)

Horror, Mystery, | 91 Min
2 out of 10 stars (2 / 10)
it comes at night

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A mysterious illness has ravaged what little is left of humanity. One family has survived by doing everything within their power to be self sufficient. After a devastating blow, they’ll each react differently. One by one, they come to realize that the only people they can trust are themselves. When a stranger shows up unexpectedly, it puts them all on edge. Time opens up their hearts to welcome this stranger and his family. The true test is yet to come. Was letting this family in the beginning of a new future or the beginning of the end. So much happens along the way that paying attention to the details is crucial. This ultimately is more of an art type of movie than a thriller. There are moments that take you right to that edge, but ultimately, leave you wanting to jump. With all of the misdirection and confusion, it’s easy to be disappointed in a story such as this. That being said, the idea had merit, just the execution left a lot to be desired. If you decide to give it a go, be prepared for a hefty dose of gore mixed in the post apocalyptic setting. As well as an ending that will leave you wanting more…

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