Jexi (R) (5.75)

5.8 out of 10 stars (5.8 / 10)

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    The Review

    We live in an age where screens are our priority. It’s an incredible smart age where we can access just about anything at our fingertips. Phil is just one of many that lives vicariously through his phone. His life revolves around his digital footprint but he can’t see the world around him. That’s what Jexi is determined to help him with. She is overbearing, bossy, and even downright mean, but sometimes that’s what we need. Things get complicated when Jexi begins to have feelings for Phil and sets into motion a series of events that ensure that he will always need her. When Phil finally finds his backbone, he stands up for what is important to him even if that means prioritizing things other than his phone. This unusual comedy is not for the easily offended, or the faint of heart. There are many adult situations and scenes/subjects that are not appropriate for younger or sensitive viewers. The cringe factor is high at times but the laughter is unmistakable as well (at least for the target audience). It may not be for everyone but it’ll surely have an appreciative audience.

    Make sure to stay into the beginning of the credits for some bonus scenes.

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