Joy (PG-13) (2015)

Drama | 124 min
6.75 Stars (6.75 / 10)

Movie Info

  • Languages: English, Spanish, French

The Review

Priorities, we each have things that we prioritize. Some of them are common, like family, friends and basic necessities. That’s what Joy focused on… Her priorities were her kids, her parents, her ex husband and even her half sister. Trying to make everyone else happy, at the cost of her own sanity. One day she decided that she’d had enough. In that moment, she knew what she had to do. The thing is doing it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. To do it she had to risk everything, putting everyone she loved at risk in the process. So was it worth it? Only she can truly answer that question but as we get to watch her story unfold we are brought into her story. Her successes and her failures… Where each decision led her and what took her to the make or break moment. Her resolution is divinely inspirational, her methods were a bit unorthodox but the results speak for themselves. This portrayal took Lawrence far from her Katniss character but showed us a surprisingly vulnerable side to not only the character but the actress as well. A refreshing introspective into the harsh realities of this type of endeavor. Happy endings aren’t all that they seem to be, there’s always more than what we see. This gives us a glimpse into a world that many cannot even imagine. If you dare to dream, come be inspired by this true story of Joy Mangano.

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