King Arthur: Legend of The Sword (PG-13) (2017)

Action, Adventure, Drama, | 126 Min
(3.5 / 10)
king arthur legend of the sword

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This is not your father’s King Arthur story. What this is, is basically one person’s adaptation of the original. Guy Ritchie used a great amount of creative license to recreate the story of King Arthur like never before. His vision involved Arthur being much more involved in the story from the beginning. Which actually changes the story quite a bit. The only aspects that remain the same are Arthur and the sword in the stone. Other than that, nothing else will seem familiar until the end. That will take a bit of patience to get through because of the menagerie of fast action shots combined with unusual additions that feel misplaced in this classic tale. There are those that will appreciate this new take on the traditional story but there will be many that will find it difficult to sit through. Which category would you fall into? If you are curious to find out, I’d recommend that you wait and watch it at home. Unless you plan on indulging in the 3D, you’ll be saving yourself the time, money and effort.

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