My Cousin Rachel (PG-13)

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6.8 out of 10 stars (6.8 / 10)
My Cousin Rachel

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Set in the 19th Century, Philip who was orphaned as a boy and raised by his cousin Ambrose. Ambrose married a woman named Rachel and moved to Italy when his health started to decline. He kept in touch with Philip through the letters he sent. After Ambrose dies Philip is very suspicious of Rachel who now is coming to England back to the estate which Philip now resides and takes care of. Instead of confronting her he falls pretty hard for her pretty fast. Now we can ask some questions. Did Rachel have anything to do with Amborse’s death? Is she here to do the same to Philip? Does she just want money? Just who is this Rachel anyway? Well that my friend is the start of the mystery and the story. And that is the best part about this movie, the mystery, because you are constantly asking yourself is she really vulnerable or is she really manipulating them? At times you know she did it….but then…..see what I mean? Now this is a drama/mystery, so it’s a slower burn so be patient with it and pay attention. This movie does a great job to capture your attention enough to keep you interested. Things do start to unfold and you will be able to see what is happening and you might even talk to the screen as I did during the movie. Very well cast and acted. I believe those who love a good mystery/drama will indeed love this movie. What really happened. You’ll find out……or will you?

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