Prayer Never Fails (2016)

Drama | 99 min
6.75 Stars (6.75 / 10)
prayer never fails

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  • Country: USA
  • Language: English

The Review

In a world where the separation of church and state is the norm. Exactly where the line is drawn is a bit fuzzy. When a High School coach is asked for help by one of his students, he gives the help the only way he knows how. Doing so will cost him everything. So what does he do next, he turns to someone who might be able to help. The only problem is this new person has problems of his own. Is it possible for two men, both inundated with their own problems to find a solution that will work for both of them? The answer is more simple than it may seem. Only it doesn’t come easy, it will take delving deep into each of their lives, their triumphs and their tragedies… To find what was right in front of them the whole time. This story is a perfect example of triumph through adversity. The answer that is revealed is not as obvious as that though. The answer is something we have to find for ourselves. Each journey will be different, there will be similarities and differences that we see, feel, experience… Above all of that, there is much more than we can even imagine. Though each of us may come to different answers, different results and different conclusions… There is something common amongst us all. This is a brilliant example that a great story needs nothing more than heart… See this alone or with a friend, you’ll leave with much more than you came with.

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prayer never fails

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