Sanjay’s Super Team (PG) (2015)

Animation, Short, Action, Family, Fantasy, Thriller | 7 min
7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)
sanjay super team

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  • Language: English

The Review

Sanjay is a young boy that is more preoccupied with his television programs than his meditation. His father on the other hand is astute in his ritual of meditation and is determined to make Sanjay participate. Though Sanjay is preoccupied with his ideas of super heroes from the television, his father is just a preoccupied with the sanctity of meditation. When the flame goes out on the altar, Sanjay does what he needs to do to get it re-lit. Upon doing so, he uses his imagination and the sacred Gods and Goddesses come to life (in his imagination) showing him something more than what can be seen with the eyes. When his father notices that Sanjay still seems preoccupied, he lets Sanjay go… Though is disappointment cannot be hidden. Sanjay goes off to play but not in the way you might think. He has a surprise for his father… What is it? You’ll have to watch it and see. This is an inspirational and motivational tale that gives us an insight into the mind of a child. Children may not understand things the same way that adults do but allowing them to learn in their own way will help them blossom and grow.

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