Shark Week (at the Movies) (UR) (2017)

Documentary | 90 Min
7.5 out of 10 stars (7.5 / 10)
discovery shark week at the cinema

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    Sharks, so much we know about them and so much that we don’t. Shark Week is an annual event on the Discovery channel. Its goal is to educate and entertain the viewers with the fun and the facts regarding sharks as well as the danger and the deep. This year, a special event is available for one day only in the theater. Bringing you behind the scenes on two separate adventures.

    The first adventure is the search for a grander Mako. Crews off of the East and West coasts are in search of an elusive shark. Finding a Mako over 1,000lbs is a rarity, at least for what is known so far. Will they find what they’re looking for? Make sure and follow Shark Week to find out.

    The second part of the theatrical adventure is near the Isle of Jaws. The Isle of Jaws, is the closest piece of land to Antartica. Near this island is one of the largest gatherings of white sharks that have been found. This trip is no different, only the gathering of sharks will provide something surprising. An adventure that must be experienced (in the theater or on Shark Week) in all of its glory. What they discover could change everything we thought we knew.

    Are you ready? Let’s hope so

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