Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (R) (2015)

Documentary | 128 min
6.75 Stars (6.75 / 10)
the man in the machine

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  • Language: English

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Is it us that control our devices or it is the devices that control us. That’s what this documentary delves into. Steve Jobs was a complicated man, mono maniacal in every part of his life. Only when he was in control was he ever comfortable. He dared to dream of something and then challenged everything and created it. Only it wasn’t just a simple invention to help society. It began as a simple idea and grew into an empire. Throughout the years, Jobs kept his friends close and his enemies closer. Some of his ideas shaped not just Apple Inc. but the entire corporate structure of Silicon Valley. This documentary is about Steve Jobs but it’s about something more than him too. What he did, who he did it too, and the effect every action he did affects all of us. We live on our phones, tablets, computers, etc… but where would we be without Steve Jobs. Does that seem like a strange question? Whether you think it is or not, this documentary delves into something deeper than we can realize or even understand. An incredibly powerful tale of a man, his mission and the madness that ensued. Techie or not, there is something about this that makes it so you just can’t look away… Intense and frustrating… It affects us all…

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