Tag (R) (2018)

Comedy | 100 Min
2.8 out of 10 stars (2.8 / 10)
tag movie

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Imagine, playing the same game for decades. That’s exactly what this group of friends has done. A simple game of tag that started when these 5 were just kids has followed them year after year. Every year, the month of May is up for grabs, anyone can be it, but no tag backs are allowed. There is just one of them that has never been tagged. How he has managed to do this is incredible but he is the target of all of his friends even as one of the most important days in his life approaches. The lengths that they will all go to in order to continue the game will cross many lines and many sensibilities. Making the story incredibly difficult to watch at times for some. Many of the laughs of the movie are in the trailer, which is unfortunate but the story still finds it’s way through the mess. This isn’t just a story about a game, this is the game. It’s based on a real game and real individuals that have been playing it all these years.

Stay into the credits for some bonus material.

Advisory: If you’re someone who has experienced fertility issues, pregnancy loss, etc… This movie crosses a line with this subject that could be very upsetting to some.

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