The Commune (UR) (2017)

Drama | 111 Min
(7 / 10)
the commune

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  • Language: Danish, English Subtitles

The Review

When a family finds themselves the beneficiary of an estate, they soon realize it’s more house than they can manage. Initially, one of them is reluctant to take on such an endeavor. One of the others makes the choice to move forward just to see what happens. Soon they find themselves elbow to elbow with strangers, sharing their home as a commune. Their housemates are an eclectic variety of people. Each of them bringing their own finesse and je ne sais quoi. This sounds like either a raving success or a recipe for disaster. As time continues, some of the ones in the house start to be at odds with some of the others. This begins to take its toll on one of the original family. The story then becomes something that focuses less on the commune and more on one particular character. As much as it branches out, it continually comes back to this tenderly touching matriarch that ties it all together. How it is that amidst all of this chaos, that the entire story revolves around a single character? There is only one way to understand and that is to experience it for yourself. The content and subject matter is definitely not for a younger audience but those looking for an artistic introspective into the human condition will be entranced and intrigued.

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