The Finest Hours (PG-13) (2016)

Action, Drama, History, Thriller | 117 min
7.75 Stars (7.75 / 10)
finest hours

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On a cold winter night in 1952, two tankers find themselves in peril off of the Nantucket coast. The only ones who could come to the rescue are the U.S. Coast Guard. This won’t be a simple rescue though, the seas are unlike many of them have seen before, making a difficult situation almost impossible. To complicate matters further, one of the rescuers is only seen through biased eyes due to a previous incident. Aside from that, his focus is on the present, not the past. Two sets of crews set out to rescue the sailors aboard the tankers. In the midst of this storm, each face insurmountable odds. Just when it seems that things can’t get any worse, the members of the U.S. Coast Guard find themselves in imminent peril. They push through and manage to complete the impossible. Making room for thirty-two (32) on a boat only meant for twelve (12). As this story is told, we get to see it from all angles. The ones on the tankers, the Coast Guard and the families / loved ones back home. Showing us that there’s more to the story than what we knew until now. This is based upon a true story, and there is information about those involved that will captivate you in the beginning of the credits. Actual photos and bio’s of those directly involved, this story gave us a glimpse into the lives of those involved but there’s so much more that we never see. Come see this epic portrayal of history and leave with more than you came with… A sense of pride…

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finest hours

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Action, Drama, History, Thriller

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