The Lure (NR) (2017)

93 (Min)
6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)

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    We follow two mermaids/sirens who come to shore and end up working at an adult entertainment club. You can tell that they’re not bothered by anything that goes on around them and aren’t afraid to do anything either. This is not “The Little Mermaid” by any means. These mermaids are a bit subdued and adventurous but you can tell there’s something lurking in them as well. This is much more a horror/drama/musical. There’s not much comedy. Think of it as a dark version of a fairy tale. Obviously this is a foreign movie so there are subtitles so you are aware. All that being said it’s actually shot very well and the two mermaids have this magnetism about them that you’re drawn into. Watching them interact with everyone and everything around them is interesting to see. The timeline moves along rather quickly so they do skip over some things that would typically develop in a fairy tale but it’s not so fast that you don’t know what happening. It is predictable, you know how it’s going to end once you get into it, but you can’t look away to see how it actually gets there. Do these Sirens/mermaids seem like their worth the watch? Be careful of their song, you may be drawn to them and your death…moowahahahaha!! Sorry, couldn’t help it. Enjoy!

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