The Only Living Boy in New York (R) (2017)

Drama | 88 min
6.75 Stars (6.75 / 10)
the only living boy in new york

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Artists have just a single need, self-expression. Without this, they can’t be themselves. This story is about three artists, but in reality, it’s about much more. You see, these three artists all were very close. That is until two of them fell in love. That one moment would change all of their lives. In order to live the life that they wanted, they’d have to give up the life they loved. Little did they know what this would not only do to them but to their son as well. As he reaches an age in his life where he ventures out into the world, he’ll find himself conflicted with happenings around him. Certain things in his life he believed would always be a constant. When that comes crashing down around him, he finds himself at a personal as well as a professional precipice. Exploring this will cross certain moral and ethical boundaries, even with that, it’s worth the risk. At least to him. When the truth finally reveals itself, it changes everything for all involved. Are you ready for the experience? It definitely crosses the boundaries listed above, so that in and of itself will deter some audiences. There is something much more here though that demands attention. Should you choose to embark on this… You might be surprised at where it leaves you.

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