The Pastor (PG) (2016)

Action |
6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)

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  • Language: English

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The ultimate story of Inspiration and redemption. A gang member hits rock bottom and finds himself behind bars. Out of luck and out of options, he makes some regrettable decisions. All of this leads him to something that he didn’t even know he wanted. A relationship with someone, someone who could change his world… Only it’s not the relationship you’re thinking. He develops a relationship with God, and his life takes an entirely different path from this point forward. Once he gets out, he decides to go home and try to make changes in his neighborhood. As you can imagine, he’s met with resistance from all of those around him, yet he refuses to give up. The harder he pushes, the harder they push back. He has something they don’t though, faith. Is that enough? That remains to be seen. This story is a story that’s been told and retold… yet it’s still original… How? It’s the first Christian movie aimed at a Spanish / Latin / Hispanic audience. Reaching out to a specific demographic in a way that reaches much further than it’s own boundaries. This was released as a one night only event across the United States on January 25th, 2016 and in doing so it severely limited it’s audience. If you were fortunate enough to catch this that night you know what I’m referring to, if not, find it, watch it and share it. A powerful message about redemption and that we can be more than we realize.

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