The Ridiculous 6 (TV-14) (2015)

Comedy, Western | 119 min
5.75 Stars (5.75 / 10)
ridiculous six 6

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  • Language: English

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Ever heard of the three (3) amigos? Well this story is about the six (6) amigos. However they arenメt just amigos they are actually brothers all with different mothers. Only one of the brothers, Tommy, has met their biological father. Orphaned when his mother was murdered, Tommy was raised by Indians.ᅠ Everything was falling into place for Tommy until his father Frank Stockburn, a former bank robber, rolled into town. As soon as they were getting acquainted Frank was kidnapped by his former gang and in order to save him Tommy needed to gather up $50,000. Along his ridiculous journey Tommy runs into his 5 brothers who all have been dying to meet their father. All the brothers have specific skill sets that will aid them in the race to save their father. Will they make it in time for a happy family reunion or have to say goodbye before even saying hello? If youメre looking for aᅠlight comedy then give this film a shot, especially since it has a lot of well-known actors in it. Just prepare yourself that there is some heavy handed subject matter throughout that might not be appropriate for some audiences.

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ridiculous six 6

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Comedy, Western

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