The Shack (PG-13) (2017)

Drama, Fantasy, Religious | 132 min
5.25 Stars (5.25 / 10)
the shack

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    Good vs. Evil seems like a simple thing to define. That is until you’re the one doing the deciding. This is a story of a family, specifically of a man, husband, and father. On a quiet family trip, the unthinkable happens. This tragedy reverberates through all of the members of this family in different ways. When the patriarch of this family reaches a personal breaking point, a message will show up from an unexpected source. One simple note will challenge all that he thinks he knows. Taking him back to the place where his whole world fell apart. In doing so he’ll come face to face with those who he holds responsible and confront those ideas amongst others. Will he find the answers that he’s searching for? Will justice be served? Or is this just one of those things that you can’t come back from. An unexpectedly inspiring story that will take you on the roller-coaster of emotions. It’s more than a bit slow in the telling but the end result is worth the wait. Though not for everyone, this is an inspirational tale for anyone struggling with loss or forgiveness.

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