The Story of 90 Coins (2015)

Drama, Romance, Short, | 10 Min
(8 / 10)
90 coin story

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  • Languages: Chinese, English,

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Love, something that seems so simple can become more complicated than you could ever imagine. So, why is it the way it is? Is it because of the complexities of Love or is it something that we do? This simple story tells more about love in 10 minutes than most movies can do with hours. Here you have an infatuation that one of the parties wants to see it develop into more. An agreement is reached between both parties and at the end of the pre-determined time frame, a decision will be made. Only that’s where the complication began, what they wanted and what they needed got lost in translation. This led to a misunderstanding that could derail everything in their lives. Once it’s sorted out, it could be happily ever after or it could be a heartache that might not ever heal. Which direction will it go? That answer might surprise you. Such a powerful story has never been expressed quite like this. If they can do this in 10 minutes, imagine the possibilities…

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