The Young Messiah (PG-13) (2016)

Drama | 111 min
7.25 Stars (7.25 / 10)
young messiah

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You may know the story of the man but do you know the story of the boy… Here we are invited into the life of Jesus as a seven (7) year old boy. His childhood curiosities bring forth many questions about who he exactly he is. Explaining something of this magnitude to a child is overwhelming to say the least. Mary and Joseph find themselves at the precipice between telling their son the truth or waiting until they think he’s more ready. The only problem with that is Jesus has his own ideas when it comes to learning the answers he so desperately yearns for. This will surely ruffle some feathers but not in such a way as to be sacrilegious or disrespectful… More along the lines of showing what he could have really been like. The information presented is very accurate where the scripture is concerned and yet still goes places that no movie has dared to go before. Does this go too far? That is up for debate. You might ask yourself: what was the purpose for the telling of this story? The answers may be different but one thing that remains unchanged is humanity and the human element that is brought forth in this story is undeniable. The Christian community will enjoy this, other religious sects may dispute it. Simply take this as it is and you’ll findᅠsomething you didn’t expect.

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