Tick Tock Tale (G) (2015)

Animation, Short, Adventure, Family, Fantasy | 6 min
5.75 Stars (5.75 / 10)
tick tock tale

Movie Info

  • Language: English

The Review

In a clock store, sometimes the loneliest person to be is a clock. Now you might say, a clock isn’t a person and you have a point but in the land of make believe (i.e. Disney)… A clock can be anything. They have faces, hands, and some even have feet… One little clock has an addition that he is desperate to get rid of. As he tries (unsuccessfully) to remove his appendage he ends up caught in a situation. A break in will put him and the rest of his friends at risk and only he can save them. That’s only if he can get to them in time. His only chance will come from the unlikeliest of sources. When it occurs, a tragic accident happens which leaves our little friend alone. Now he needs his friends to come to the rescue. Will they get to him in time or will it all be in vain. This is a surprisingly cute and somewhat tragic tale about imagining something greater than what we see in front of us. About reaching higher and achieving way more than ever thought possible. All with the simplest of actions, there’s something we can all take away from this, if we allow ourselves to look deep enough.

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