Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (R) (2018)

Thriller | 120 Min
5.3 out of 10 stars (5.3 / 10)

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‘Til death do us part, sounds so simple in theory. Is that what this story is about? Or is there more to the story. We are introduced to the parties in a courtroom, what started as a loving relationship/marriage has become animosity and a restraining order. How did it get to this? That’s what this will explain. As part of the court order, Melinda is ordered to attend anger management counseling. When at her first appointment, she begins to delve into how she ended up in this situation. Victimized and hurt, she has channeled those emotions into rage and anger. Years, years that she couldn’t get back, she gave him everything. Now she wants what’s hers… Sounds fair, right? Well, there are some surprises along the way. Melinda has had issues with her impulse issues from a young age, certain events trigger her more than others. Her relationship with Robert happens to be one of those triggers. As she describes her life with Robert, we are introduced to the stages of the emotions through the years. Seeing the triggers for each of them and more of what happened plays out. It may seem clear who the instigator is in the beginning but don’t make your mind up quite yet. This story is as infuriating as much as it is intriguing. Whose side will you choose? Why? This story will be a conversational piece long after the credits have finished rolling.

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