Unbroken (PG-13) (2014)

Biography, Drama, Sport, War | 137 min
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  • Languages: English, Japanese, Italian

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A story about a boy who starts out as nothing and becomes so much more. Louie is a young boy from an Italian immigrant family that is consistently getting into trouble. He believes that he’s a nothing, a nobody: so why try. His brother sees something more in him. His brother helps Louie train so that he gets to the Olympic trials. He places high enough to go to the games, before he gets the chance… A war breaks out and the game are canceled. He joins the Untied States Army Air Forces and becomes a bombardier. His missions take him to different areas in the Pacific. On one mission his plane and crew suffer heavy damage, they aren’t sure if they’ll make it back. Against the odds, they do. Shortly after retuning, they get called out again, for a rescue mission. While searching the vast ocean for the men that went down, they suffer catastrophic engine failure and end up being more that need rescued. With a life raft and minimal provisions, they survive a harrowing experience at sea. Breaking any previous records in the process. When rescue finally comes, it’s good news and bad. They spend their next years as POWs in Japan. We are able to see the mistreatment and madness that many went through. Louie is determined to survive at any cost. At the end of that harrowing ordeal, Louie comes home a broken man. As his life continues, he remembers a promise and eventually lives up to it. Eventually even seeing his dream come true. This incredible story of focus, faith & forgiveness is a must see. Be prepared for true to the period war situations. Everything included, all I can add is thank you… May we never forget…

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Biography, Drama, Sport, War