Underworld: Blood Wars (R) (2017)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, | 91 Min
6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)
underworld blood wars

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As the war has raged on, the lines that separate the immortals have blurred. The beginning of this story includes a recap of the last four (4) parts of the Underworld saga. Doing so not only refreshes the story for those familiar with it, but it also helps those that aren’t as familiar with the story appreciate the direction in which this goes. The story continues years after it last left off. The secrets revealed in the last one are carried forth here as Selene searches for the piece of herself that is missing. Some heartbreaking and eye-opening revelations are about to present themselves to her in an unusual way. She must face the worst side of herself to have a chance at finding that which she seeks so desperately. This is by far one of the most action-packed of the five (5) so far. In doing so it’s much more entertaining than that which is visible on the surface. Pay attention to the details because they matter more than ever. Ultimately, this is much more than a fantasy love story, it’s an adventure through time itself. Are you prepared? Let’s hope so.

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