Unfriended: Dark Web (R) (2018)

Horror | 88 Min
8.3 out of 10 stars (8.3 / 10)
unfriended dark web

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The web is something we think we understand. The dark web, however, is something else entirely. This may seem like a sequel to the original story but it is something else entirely. Social media is all that the two movies have in common. Here the story takes a dark turn. A lost and found item, a secret stash of videos and the actual cost of life. Seems a bit confusing at first but these friends are about to find out the extent that some will go to keep their secrets, secret. The ones behind what is happening want to make sure to tie up any and all loose ends. What exactly is happening though? Is it as simple/complicated as it seems? That what will play out in front of our eyes. In this suspenseful heart-pounding thriller, you’ll learn more than you ever could even fathom about what happens on the dark web. Realizing what is possible with your information is maybe the scariest part of what takes place here. This may be just a movie but how real is the scenario… Would you want to know even if you could? For most that answer is simple. For these friends, the answer is closer than it seems. Should you dare to experience this for yourself, come prepared that you may be in for more than you bargained for.

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