Welcome to Marwen (PG-13)

6.8 out of 10 stars (6.8 / 10)

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    Through the eyes of a man scarred by hate, a new world is created that might help him heal. Mark Hogancamp was an incredible artist that captured war like never before. He lived a normal life, he worked, he struggled, he celebrated, he cried, but all of that changed when he was singled out due to an interest of his. Living a normal life now had a new meaning. This act of hate would rob him of everything that he had known prior to the attack, the mere fact that he survived was a testament to his resolve. In an effort to recreate his memories (from photographs), he created a world of his own. Marwen became a community where he could live without the retaliation of those around him. The characters were based on his friends, the adventures were based in his imagination. He found that he could live again in Marwen when the real world became too much. As hard as he tried, the real world seemed like it was too much. With the help of his friends, he would soon come to realize that he could not only survive but thrive, not just in Marwen, but in the world around him as well. One step towards that would be facing his attackers. That simple decision would be anything but simple. This is his story. Truth an engaging and emotional endeavor that will enrage and encourage you in exceptional ways…

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