Wonder Park (PG) (7/10)

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

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    Imagination seems to have no bounds and that’s what imagination is for, attempting the impossible and soaring on the wings of dreams. In Wonderland, there are numerous animal friends that help to keep everything moving along. Each of them has their own responsibilities and with the direction of June and her mom it continues flawlessly. That is until one day when June’s moms health begins to fail, as this happens, June’s hopes and dreams begin to fade. Wonderland just isn’t wonderful without her mom. In an attempt to help her regain some of the magic, June’s dad sends her off to camp. Along the way, the separation from her dad proves to be too much. While journeying back to him, she finds herself in a world of wonder that surprisingly resembles Wonderland, only this is Wonder Park. The magic seems to have disappeared though, what was once bright and fun was slowly becoming dark and dreary. The animal friends who operate Wonder Park have lost their leader. June must now help them to find Peanut before it’s too late. Little does she know that this simple action would carry into her own life. Realizing that the wonder that makes Wonderland magical was with her the entire time. Upon her return home, she resurrects Wonderland, in doing so she’ll reignite something within herself. A few surprises await her as well that will surely warm your heart. This story has a very powerful message and the adventure of getting there. Some of the content may be a bit intense for the youngest of viewers but the message of the story is one that must be experienced.

    PI Song

    Oh my here comes pi,
    A constant we all know,
    The famous ratio,

    Oh my here comes pi,
    How many can you memorize,
    It just goes on and on,
    A never ending song,

    Hey hey it’s Friday,
    Make a circle celebrate,
    Irrational action,
    that can’t be expressed as a simple fraction,

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