Yesterday (PG-13) (6.5)

6.5 out of 10 stars (6.5 / 10)

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    The Review

    12 seconds, that’s all it took to change the world. In those 12 seconds, Jack went from a struggling musician to one of the only people in the world that remembered some of the most iconic artists of all time. Realizing that he’s got an opportunity unlike any other, he decides to work on and release these songs that he knew so well to a world that had never heard them before. Along the way, he realizes that these musical artists aren’t the only thing that seems to have disappeared. As he struggles with his newfound success, he’s also struggling in his personal life. The one person in the world that believed in him and his music before these 12 seconds changed everything is now further from him than ever before. The choice that he faces may seem like a difficult one but he follows his passion. What is that though… The music that he immerses every fiber of his being in or the woman who captured his heart so many years ago. Though the choice seems simple, there’s much more too it. In this age of music biopics on so many of the artists, this is a refreshing alternative to that type of story. Beatles fans will rejoice seeing these songs come alive for a new generation. Yesterday is a heartwarming adventure through life that will inspire you beyond tomorrow.

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