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American Fighter (R) (6.0)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

A young immigrant trying to get his education to pursue a bright future is about to face the ultimate challenge. Ali Jahani is a young man who escaped his home country with the help of his parents to the safety and security of the United States where he now lives with his uncle. As he is in the process of trying to get his parents here with him, something happens that puts him and his parents in jeopardy. He must now make an impossible decision. One choice leaves costs him every dime he has (and then some), the other decision could cost him everyone that he cares about. The decision that he makes will thrust him into the world of underground fighting. He's quickly seen as the underdog, but will soon prove his worthiness in and out of the ring. Even though he's fighting with everything that he has, will it be enough.. Can he get it done in time? So many questions... So many doubts... So many uncertainties... Risking everything for everyone, is exactly what he is doing, even if that means paying the ultimate price. A controversial story on many fronts, in a turbulent time and a turbulent society. Sometimes we do the wrong things for the right reasons, but does that make it okay? So many questions left unanswered...

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