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Beyond the Lights (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

If I were to only say three words about this movie... ᅠI'd say that is painful, passionate and powerful. I can't stop there though. How far are we willing to go to pursue our dreams? What if the dreams we pursue aren't our own. This is a story of a mother/daughter against the world. The daughter "Noni" is gifted with an incredible voice. Her mom, who also happens to be her manager refuses to let Noni be anything but the best. Noni is on top, literally. She is winning awards and taking the spotlight even before her first album. The thing is, none of that matters. It takes a desperate act on her part for her to be seen. You see, she's been in the spotlight but invisible her whole life. When this person finally sees her, she begins to see herself. Noni's biggest roadblocks come from her biggest supporter (or the person that should be). In an ironic circumstance, it's a Blackbird that started her on this journey and a Blackbird that will save her. Ultimately what will it cost to be seen? What will she learn along the way? Will a broken heart put the pieces back together again? Let's just say, she finds her voice. Such a powerful message about what's important. The message is a little deep for the younger audience but is appropriate for pre-teen +. There is some adult content but it's not excessive. Parents and kids alike can walk away with some powerful info. Have an open mind and a handful of tissues whilst embarking on this adventure.

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