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Countdown (PG-13) (5.0)



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out of 10

The Review

What if you could know exactly how long you had to live? Would you want to know? That's what this is about. There is a mobile application called Countdown that knows how long you have to live and displays it for you to see. Some are relieved when they see they will live to be a ripe old age, others are horrified to see that they have days, hours, or even mere minutes left to live. Once they learn their fate, is there any way to change it? That's what they're determined to do, change fate. In their efforts to do so, they enlist the help of some unlikely individuals. When they finally think they have it figured out, it then becomes a matter of carrying it out. Only when they truly come face to face with death, it's not ever that simple. What will they do when faced with their final moments? The answer may surprise you. This is an interesting take on an old idea, that takes it to a whole new level of horror. Much of the subject matter isn't for younger audiences. It may be a fun date movie or something aimed at a collegiate crowd as it has some jump scares. That being said, it's definitely not for everyone. Though there are those that will certainly love it. Which will you be?

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