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Dolittle (PG) (5.0)



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out of 10

The Review

John Dolittle has a spectacular gift. He can talk to animals. With this special gift, he has dedicated his life to helping them. When he meets Lily he finds someone that is obsessed with helping animals as he is. When Lily embarks on an expedition, she promises to return to John as soon as she can. Fate would have a different plan. As John sunk into the depths of depression, he found his only solace in the animals around him. After an unexpected request comes in from the unlikeliest of persons, John finds himself reluctant to help. He'll soon find the motivation through the threat of the loss of his entire livelihood. In order to maintain the life he loves, he must go on a quest to retrieve the fruit of the Eden tree. This quest will turn out to be much more than he had bargained for. Along the way, he'll find the clues to his past, present, and future. Will he be able to retrieve the fruit of the Eden tree in time or is his fate already determined?

This isn't the typical Dolittle story, there are touching moments but far more questions than answers along the way. Some of the content may be intense for the youngest of viewers but it definitely appeals to animal lovers of ages.

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