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Hell and Back (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

The Gates of Hell, something that many never want to encounter... Yet it's the most popular ride at a dying carnival. When a couple of the employees decide to try to spice it up a little, their actions bring them into contact with a book. A special book that has the ability to change everything. Once it is opened, it reveals something that they see as their golden goose. One of them makes a decision to participate in a blood oath. What happens when you make a blood oath with the devil and then you fail to fulfill your end of the deal.... I'll tell you what... You're doomed to hell for eternity. When his friends see what happens, they are determined to go in after him and bring him back. Once there, Hell is nothing like they had imagined. It then becomes a menagerie of bumbling misdeeds, vulgar language, sexual innuendoes and overly adult context. This crosses a line between comedy and obscenity. Everything about this makes Seth McFarlane look like the fricking Brady Bunch. Ultimately, the mortals figure out what it takes to get home but will they be able to pull it off in time... That remains to be seen. The comedy that lies within, isn't for a sensitive audience. The level of vulgarity and subject matter ensure that it's not for younger viewers or even most adult viewers. This will have a following, but I'm not sure what to say about those that this is aimed towards. I can prepare you though... Prepare you for what... To be offended!

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